Deadly Lust

Alexis' POV

I looked at him staring at me oddly, can't he just make up his mind already. This plan to seduce and lure him is backfiring. It's a very heavy blow that I myself cannot withstand.

His presence alone made me want to cave in and hide away from him and myself. At first I hated him. Don't get me wrong I still do. I know why he is overprotective about his sister. I understand that, but why can't he see that I'm at least trying to make a friend. That I'm at least trying to fit in with the rest of the crowd.

His gaze was still on me. I rubbed my knees. It had a burning feeling now after I rubbed my jeans material against my skin. "Why did you have to do that in there, do you know how freakin' painful that was? And why can't I even be friends with your sister or meet up with her after this masquerade ball?"

"I'm onto you Alexis Lexmark. I know who you are and what you are. I know from what bloodline you come from and don't think for one second you can make me fall for you. You're wrong. I'm not marrying an imperfect and impure slut like you. You're not even a vampire," he blurted out his words. How can he say that when none of what he is saying is true! I've seen this type of behavior before and it means that my plan is actually working. I wasn't even trying. Not trying is the key to this seduction of him. His sicko fantasy.

I jerked my head backwards. "Yeah, right as if I wanted to make you fall in love with me. I'm sorry to bust your little conceited bubble but I'm not interested in you, I'm interested in Luka, not a prince who thinks he is liked by many hormonal teenagers."

"Then we're in an agreement. You stay away from my family and friends. And the reason why I was pressing against your knee was because I wanted to make sure that when you walk into that ballroom, they can throw you out immediately," he said walking away. My mouth dropped wide open. How can he do this to me? It is on!

"Don't think for one second that you can get away with this that easily Liam. Remember payback is a bitch." I said turning my back on him. The next thing I knew his hand was around my neck. He gripped onto me too tightly but at that same moment, he and I couldn't stop looking into each other's eyes.

His skin became pale and his eyes began to lose its color and his teeth started showing. I dared him to bite me.

"Do it! Just do it and get it on with already it's what you want isn't?" I said tempting him to try to bite me. It just at that moment when I paused my sentence, I looked into his eyes. I could see the real him, the real soft person inside of him. All this muscle and deep voice and acting like a big macho man was all an act actually. Nothing was as it appeared to be.

I slowly started to get drowsy because not enough blood and oxygen was flowing through my brain. I held my breath.

Comment on the story guys, I need your feedback on this one.


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